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About Us

The Refill Jackson Initiative & Refill Cafe


The Refill Jackson Initiative will be a non-profit workforce development program that provides job training, soft skill development, social service support, educational support, mentoring, and employment services.

Refill Cafe will be a vibrant restaurant establishment that will be open to the general public for weekday lunch. Refill Café will also provide on the job training opportunities for all Refill Jackson Initiative’s participants.

Together, Refill Café and the Refill Jackson Initiative will strive to: 

  • Serve delicious, healthy food in an intentionally designed space
  • Revitalize a community gathering place that welcomes everyone
  • Train and provide avenues of opportunity to our young neighbors and fellow residents of Jackson

The Mission


The mission of Refill Jackson Initiative is to empower young adults, ages 18 to 24, so that they are more confident, better equipped, and motivated to enter into, navigate, and stay in the workforce. 

We will pursue this mission by teaching our young adults soft and technical skills in our traditional classroom setting and providing on-the-job training in our fully operational restaurant, Refill Café

The Approach


The Refill Jackson Initiative is more than just a workforce development program. 

Metro area employers are ready and willing to train employees on their industry’s specific needs. However, the critical yet missing piece is an understanding and application of soft skills that are essential to both getting and keeping a job. The Refill Jackson Initiative will teach essential soft skills in the classroom setting while also providing on-site training in our restaurant, Refill Cafe. While the hands-on training will be in a restaurant environment, the skills acquired will be transferable across many industries, from hospitality to retail to construction.

Modeled after similar successful programs popping up across the country, our evidence-based approach will address immediate barriers to success and provide a year-long commitment to our young people by extending ongoing support through paid internships, linkages to potential employers, opportunities for further education, and other services as needed.

Upon completion of the program, members will have gained and refined the technical skills necessary for securing employment; demonstrated a greater understanding of the soft skills necessary for sustaining employment; and be able to identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and marketable skills for meaningful work. 

Our goal is to turn the momentum from successes at Refill into positive performances at internships and then permanent job offers, ultimately boosting confidence and fostering independence.  


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Refill Cafe

136 S Adams St, Jackson, Mississippi 39203, United States

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